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How to use this forum

Post  grimson on Sun Mar 25, 2007 7:08 pm

How this forum works:

* As Guest you see only a small part of the content of this forum, as Member you can see everything.

* The topics "Music albums" and "Video Clips" are only to change by the admins.

* If you have something for us you can put it in "Place here your share" the admins will place it
with your name at the right place (so we can keep the board clean).
We will not change your name on the post by replacing it but we keep the right to alter it when it has to.

* All links have to be coded if the aren't we wil do that.

* Please give only info that's neccesery for your post (artis name, tracklist and if possible the cover).

* If there is a dead link report it so te owner of that post can reupload it, if this not done in a reasonable
time than we remove it.

* We thank you for helping and understanding this and make this a great forum.

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